Dental treatments


Specialty preserves adequate health of all the tissues surrounding the tooth, and thus we adequate stability and health of the entire oral cavity.

We avoid the dreaded periodontitis, which involves the loss of teeth in the not too distant future if the illness is untreated.

Preventive Dentistry

Through continuous monitoring of the patient, both adult and child, we diagnose pathologies in very early stages avoiding future complications.

General Dentistry

Through a series of conservative treatment (fillings, root canals …) we preserve the tooth in the mouth, restore function and prevent premature loss.

Dental Aesthetics

Through a series of dental treatments, both prosthetic (ceramic veneers, composite…) and conservatives (whitening…) we can get the perfect smile appropriate for each patient.


Odonto-surgical specialty that allows the replacement of missing teeth by placing dental implants. “Tooth roots” medically pure titanium that after a period of osseointegration, allow the patient to return to smile and get back proper chewing function and perfect aesthetics.


The different types of prostheses, can be the treatment of choice when implants can not be placed due to absence of bone, and when the priority is the preservation of the teeth.

We can choose different types of prostheses: removable or fixed prosthesis.

Fixed prostheses absence of metal, are the priority for adequate aesthetics, where materials such as zirconium and current ceramics allow us.


Odontostomatological specialty, after a radiological study and appropriate cephalometric analysis allows us to correct bad dental positions and to achieve an aesthetic ideal occlusion, thereby improving masticatory function.

Is performed with a different appliance for each patient. Currently we have fully aesthetic sapphire brackets or invisible orthodontic, accordingly to patient choice.